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Instructional Ability Test

A 60 minute assessment


The Instructional Ability Test is held here in Long Eaton, at your location or can be remote. It takes the form of a "role play" exercise. You will assume the role of the trainer, the examiner and other candidates will take the role of drivers.


If the training session is held at your location, you must provide at least four drivers to participate. 


You will be notified three days before the test, which Pre-Set Test you are required to deliver. 


Please structure your training session to meet the objective you have been given and the needs of the delegates.


If you require any clarification of the test requirements, please ask the examiner before you start.


You will require a pass mark in all assessment sections to be entered onto The Driver CPC Trainer Register.

Instructional Ability Tests

Drivers’ Hours

Vulnerable Road Users

Eco & Safe Driving

Smart Motorways

Driver Wellbeing

Working with Others

Safe Guarding

Risk Assessment

60 Minutes to demonstrate your skills

Three Yearly Standards Check

The purpose of the Standards Check is to assess your continued ability and fitness to give Driver CPC Training.


Providing you are successful, this process will be repeated every third year of registration. 


The check is similar to that of the test of Instructional Ability. It's an assessment of your overall performance during a 60 minute normal training session.

Standards Check Appointment


Your Standards Check invitation will be issued to you at least two months in advance, during your third year of registration.

The arrangements are very flexible. It can be at your location, or as part of a development programme. 

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