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Instructional Ability Test

A 60 minute assessment


Instructional Ability Tests

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60 Minutes to demonstrate your skills


Instructional Ability Test

The Instructional Ability Test can be held at your or one of our locations, online or at the end of the Pride Train the Trainer course. It takes the form of a "role play" exercise. You will assume the role of the trainer, the examiner will take the role of a delegate.


You, delegates and the examiner must remain in your allotted roles throughout the training session. If the training session is held on location or online, you must provide at least four delegates to participate. If held at Pride's training suite following a Train the Trainer course, your course colleagues will role-play delegates.


The maximum time allowed for this examination is 60 minutes for the training session that you have been allocated. You will be notified at least three days before the test, which training session you are required to deliver. On the day of the test, the examiner will tell you which one of the objectives they want you to achieve. You will always be asked to deliver an introduction to the training session, covering aim and objectives,  privacy notice and general house keeping. For the test this should only take 10 mins. 


Please structure your training session to meet the objective you have been given and the needs of your delegates.


If you require any clarification of the examination requirements, please ask the examiner before you start the training session.


At the end of the training session presentation, the examiner will complete an examination marking sheet and make notes, before announcing the result.


Standards Check appointment


Your Standards Test invitation will be issued to you at least two months in advance, during your third year of registration. The first Standards Check has to be the opposite delivery method to the Initial Test. The examiner will want to see one hour of ‘normal’ Driver CPC training. The arrangements are very flexible. It can be at your location, or with Pride as part of a development programme. 

Standards Check

The purpose of the Standards Check is to assess your continued ability and fitness to give Driver CPC Training and where necessary to offer you feedback on your performance, which will enable you to further develop your skills. Providing you are successful, this process will be repeated every third year of registration. 


The check is similar to that of the test of Instructional Ability. It's an assessment of your overall performance during a 60 minute normal training session. At the conclusion of the Standards Check you will debriefed on your performance and be issued with a copy of the Standards Check report.