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e-learning is a great training tool, with thousands of drivers currently using our online platforms. The cost per driver per year is only £5 plus VAT. There are great discounts for companies.


VRT Candidates / Trainers get FREE access to all Driver CPC related training modules, including instructional techniques and JAUPT requirements, to help them prepare for the VRT Theory Test and to stay up to date.


Free to VRT Candidates and Trainers

Drivers - £5 per annum 

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Theory Test

The Initial Theory Test fee includes your Annual Registration fee (£75 plus VAT). This covers three attempts at passing the four sections of the theory test. If you fail any section test on your third attempt, you will not be eligible to retake the test for two years.


Each year of registration you are required to sit a refresher Theory Test. The £75 plus VAT fee also  covers your Annual Registration. As with the initial Theory Test, you are only permitted three attempts at each section test, if you fail on your third attempt you are required to take additional training before re-sitting the test.

including Annual Registration


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Meeting Between Colleagues

The Instructional Ability Test can be online, or at our Long Eaton training venue; costs £75 plus VAT. The Test can be taken at a number of our Consortium Members’ sites or your site, including Northern Ireland, for  a small additional fee. There is no fee for candidates who are taking the Test at the end of the Pride Train the Trainer course, or other Pride development programme.


If held at your location, we ask you to cover the costs of the examiner's travel. Please call the VRT Support Team for further assistance.

Instructional Ability


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Business Meeting

The Standards Test can be remote or normal classroom. It could be one of your normal Driver CPC courses, which covers the JAUPT requirement of external quality assurance, or it could be part of a Pride development programme.


The cost is £75 plus VAT (We ask you to meet the examiner’s travel costs, if its at your location). There would be no additional fee, if it was part of a Pride development programme.

Standards Check


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